Welcome to Praksis 201

Praksis 201 is owned by 2 general practioners.

M.D Trine Bagger and M.D. Bjarne Jørgensen.

When registered in the clinic, both GP’s  will be available; you do not have to see the same GP each time. We strive to achieve medical treatment and advice of the highest quality. At the same time trust, respect and cooperation with you as a patient is highly prioritized.

The clinic work as a team, of doctors, nurses, and secretaries.


Book appointments by phone

You can book an appointment for consultation by phone: 38 33 22 01
You will receive an SMS with your time the day before.
Remember to cancel if you cannot come.

Phonelines open

Monday: 8am to 2pm
Tuesday: 8am to 2pm
Wednesday: 2pm to 5pm
Thursday: 8am to 2pm
Friday: 8am to 1pm

Closed for lunch 12.30am to 1pm except friday


Emergency assistance

Suddenly occurred illness:

Weekdays outside opening hours before 4pm
local telephone service: 70262623

Wednesday 8am to 2pm:

Acute need of medical assistance 4pm to 8am weekends and holidays call 1813


Will I see the Doctor upon the agreed time?

We strive to keep the time schedule, but we ask for your understanding, for unforeseen situations and acute needs, which may cause delays.
If the delay is too long or you in other ways are unable to wait, you are more than welcome to schedule a new appointment with the secretary.

Advice before you see the doctor

We are a busy clinic, but it is important for us to aim for a good and caring service to all of our patients. Therefor please assist us in the following

• Acute appointments the same day, are meant for acute illness or emergences that cannot wait until a following day. The appointment is of short time and the doctor will NOT be able to answer nonacute related situations.

• We polity ask you to meet at the agreed time of the appointment. If possible we would appreciate if you come 5 minutes early, so there is no rush in hanging up your coat or other things

• If you know beforehand that a urine sample is needed, we ask of you to meet 10 min early, so the sample is ready, when you see the doctor

• If you know in advance that there are several issues, we would appreciate if you mention everything in the start of the appointment, so the doctor and you can priority the time accordingly.
It might be necessary to schedule a new appointment.

• The clinic is for the time being not able to take in new clients.


• Specialist in General Medicine Johan Poulsen remains employed as temporary

• Docter Sofie Lindquist is from february 1st, a part of the medical team here in praksis 201. She will be here for the next 6 months as a part of her training (KBU)